About Me

In 2008, I  experienced one miracle after another including graduating High School, had a beautiful son, and at the end of the year was in a roll over car accident. As a result of a sever accident, I fractured my pelvic bone, endured a concussion, and received multiple bruises and scrapes. Following the recovery process at the hospital, I turned to massage therapy to help diminish my pain and over time, helped my pain go away. Life had a mysterious way of getting me to my next destination, yet once I was well, I decided to follow in my Great Grandfather’s footsteps and become a massage therapist!

‚ÄčI earned my Associate’s Degree of Occupational Studies in Therapeutic Massage at Heritage College. While attending Heritage, I learned the different ways in which a person and the everyday stress can have an effect on the body, mind and spirit of an individual.  I gained the knowledge to treat the stresses that individuals encounter on a daily basis and give them the relief that is needed.